Community Platform and Fan Sites

Platforms. Networks. Networks of Networks. Community Enhancement Offerings.

What does all of this mean?!

We simply give you valuable and powerful tools that let you:

- Bring more traffic to your site.
- Generate more revenue.
- Integrate community features without technical headaches.
- Build your brand awareness and strength.
- Improve how you engage your users.
- Push your content to the best and most relevant sites on the web.

For those who insist on some internet-industry verbiage, here's another way of looking at it:

We provide services and technology that enable media publishers to fully harness the power of community behavior and social media on the web. We accomplish this by letting users distribute their content anywhere and everywhere, all within a family of sites and media destinations that speak loudly and clearly to their community members.

- We are committed to being open and completely accessible to users, partners, and third-party application developers.
- We enable partners to utilize user-driven social distribution of content everywhere – on and off the Flux Platform.
- Our partners own their data outright and control monetization.
- We have developed a one-click login for Flux members across all sites on the platform. As users join sites, their profile, friends, and collected media travel with them – anywhere and everywhere. It's easy and seamless for both users and publishers.

What's Under the Hood

The core is not very complicated. It's just amazingly smart technology that's incredibly powerful.

From bloggers to media publishers to media conglomerates, we offer a wide variety of tools for any social media strategy.  Our solutions range from lightweight community building blocks, like vShare, to fully-featured social networking tools, like iVertical Custom.

The Business Model

No upfront or setup fees.   No maintenance costs or "up sells."

Instead, our business model depends on true partnerships – we share advertising revenue only from the pages that we host.   So, we make money when you make money.

For more information please contact us: 949.600.9998

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